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Why office work is only called as jobs???

Certain people have made their mind that those who are doing office works are only doing jobs…. Others are simply wasting their life….!!!

What a rubbish thought…. I don’t think I can get into their mind and change them…. But if you don’t have any idea of some other person’s struggles, you can’t judge them….


Why some people are being judgmental about others…. Every one have their own journey….

I appreciate all types of jobs…. Whether it is small or big, we have to spend time and effort for it….

There are many people who have different thoughts about various jobs…. In this post, I am gonna discuss about some of my friends who have no idea about struggles of others….

Small scale business

No one have become a successful businessman in one day. They have to start small business concerns first. Advertisements and new ideas will bloom a business to higher extent….

Initially, we may have to transport the products by himself….

Those having office jobs and good salary will never understand the struggle….

Bloggers and Vloggers

Nowadays blogging and vlogging have become very famous. Many people are coming with interesting contents. It should be appreciated.

I am a blogger, I know the difficulties…. We have to take time to write a content, Edit the post, Take pictures for the post and finally publish…. This takes time…. And if we get appreciation for our work, Its a huge responsibility…. We have to write awesome new stuffs for our followers….

giphy (2)

Many new people are reading and we have to make a good impression in our site….

Vlogging is equally difficult…. They have to say everything in the video, edit it, mix it…. After publishing, they have to wait for the responses….

It needs effort and time….

Less salary jobs (In office job people’s point of view)

For example, Working in shops (sales department)…. I have seen the difficult life of people working this way…. Hats off to all those…. I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart…. But these high salary jobbed people will take them cold only…. Why???  I don’t know….

Being a mom

This topic, many people have discussed before…. What I believe is being a mom is the best thing to experience in the world…. I am a proud mom and love to enjoy each bit of my son’s growth with him….

giphy (1)

Many think that mom’s don’t have any work…. They are simply sleeping and watching TV….

Mom’s have a huge responsibility to take care of the little ones…. Daily, mom’s have to go through difficult times which cannot be explained…. We don’t have a peace of mind…. So many things will be running at a time and have to survive somehow each day…. Good or bad day, we have to accept it…. Responsibilities and duties will increase day by day along with our age….

Working mom’s and Staying at home mom’s have similar struggles….Many Stay at home mom’s are doing part time jobs also….  Thats a big deal….

Those who don’t know about someone else’s life properly, Don’t comment on them….

God have given problems to everyone…. If people are not telling their problems to everyone, doesn’t mean that they don’t have one….

I dedicate this to my friends who never understands the struggles of other’s (They think they are only living with problems).

What is your opinion about those people I mentioned above???

Share it in the comment box below….



6 thoughts on “Why office work is only called as jobs???”

  1. Some might like to work from home some don’t. It’s outrightly unjustified on people looking down upon others based on their priorities of life.


  2. So true! Especially on the mom’s part. Many people believe that me being a work-from-home mom is easy and my job is is tangible even when I’m earning a regular income while taking care of my toddler.

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