black friday

What i got for black friday???

Black Friday give us an opportunity to bang on new offers for everything we need…. I felt groovy and cool on the black Friday, Since all the deals can be grabbed from online purchase…. (Even the door busters….!!!) That was a chaos moment for me…. I also visited some shops to enjoy the holiday shopping….

So let me share what i got for black Friday….

x box one s :-

I bought this from kohl’s…. Why i choose to buy it from kohl’s??? Yeah!!! Kohl’s cash!!! Kohl’s provide reasonable kohl’s cash for buying products from there…. And it is a good deal….


Google chrome book :-

I have a laptop of hp but i don’t know why, i like to use Chromebook nowadays…. It serves all the purpose of a laptop and it is literally like a book which can be carried anywhere…. I bought this from best buy….


Toys :-

Certain toys were available in good price from my favorite shops…. Lets see what i got from the toy section….


I got this 3 giant cars from Walmart and my toddler boy love to play with cars…. It consists of a dump truck, a waste disposal vehicle and a fire extinguishing vehicle….


Teddy bear

Toy collection without teddy bear??? I can’t imagine…. I love plush toys…. This one i got from target and its beautiful…. I think hugging a teddy bear plush is the best feeling to experience in our life… Hi hi…


Mickey mouse

I already have Donald duck plush with me…. I wanted to give her a company…. Thats why i bought this mickey mouse from Walmart….


Giant unicorn

Unicorns plush are a treat to watch…. It looks beautiful in pics…. And it is a big one which i got from Walmart….


  • V tech learning table

I bought this from Walmart and it is worth the price…. It teaches alphabets, numbers, rhymes and many more…. It works by touch screen method and i recommend everyone to buy this…. Even though it is bit pricey, it will be a good learning table for your toddler…. I am sure your kid will love this table…. It can also be used as chalk board….


Other than these i had bought some clothes for this winter….

So guys, have you got any good deals for the black Friday??? Then share it with me in the comment box below….

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